Ion Beam Etch and Milling

  • Universal Material Etchant

    Any material can be removed including noble, transition and refractory metals, alloys, dielectrics, insulators, semiconductors, and polymers.

  • Complex Multilayer Stacks

    Without the need to optimize chemical reactants, diverse materials can be precisely removed in multilayer stacks, stopping on specified layer.

  • Deep MEMS and Photonic Devices

    Nanometer to multiple micrometer etch depths for metals and dielectric materials, including noble metals and LiNbO3.

  • Compound Semiconductors & Materials

    Device functions vary based on material properties: electrooptic, feroelectric, piezoelectric, electrochemical, electromagnetic, acoustoelectric and superconductor.

  • Angled Gratings and Waveguides

    Variable angle of incidence etch capability enables optimized feature angles in quartz slanted gratings and diamond waveguides.

  • Reactive Gas Enhancement (CAIBE/RIBE)

    Higher etch rates, selectivity and aspect ratios can be achieved when reactive etchant gases are added to the ion beam process.

  • Delayering IC Chips

    Non-contact method to uniformly remove electronic materials from IC chips in a layer by layer process.

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  • Graduated Etch Profile

    Motorized proximity mask with functional parameters to transfer a variable etch depth across substrate.

  • Combinatorial Areal Step Etching

    Two-dimensional motorized proximity mask with step functionality to etch substrate sections for DOE efficiencies.

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