Mark II Anode, Water Cooled (40102-01-WC)

Product: D49490 (40102-01-WC) 


Cross Ref Part # C38389

Alignment Pin

Alnico-5 Magnet

Anode Connection

Back Anode Support


Cable Retainer

Cathode Connection

Cathode Filament

Cathode Support

Flanged Connector

Flexible Waterline

Front Anode Support

Graphite Anode

Graphite Gas Distributor

Hold Down Knob

Hold Down Screw

Hollow Cathode


Long Tie Rod

Mark II Ion Source

Mark II Ion Source with HCES 5000 with Water-cooling

Mark II Power Cable

Mark II Power Feedthrough

Modified Support Plate

Outer Pole Piece


Short Tie Rod



Stainless Steel Anode

Stainless Steel Gas Distributor

Support Plate

Titanium Gas Distributor

Water-cooled Mark II Ion Source

Waterline Insulator

Waterline O-ring

Work Station

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