Nanochrome IV PARMS

nanochrome iv

The Nanochrome™ IV PARMS (Plasma Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering) system is a sputtering workhorse. Based on the versatile and dependable Nanochrome platform, the PARMS system offers unmatched material quality and hosts the most capabilities of the lineup.

Its magnetron sputtering can work under Dual AC, pulsed DC, DC and RF excitations. It is excellent at producing a variety of oxides, such as: Tantalum, Niobium, Titanium, Germanium and Silicon. The inclusion of the ebeam instrumentation allows the system to evaporate almost any material should one be incompatible via magnetron sputtering. Sputter rates of the system can reach 5Å/s. Intlvac system's emphasize consistency and uniformity, and the PARMS system is no different.

System Features

ion sourceLike other Intlvac systems, the PARMS system utilizes Intlvac's own ion sources which are world leading because of their build quality. They are designed and perfected in house then tested to ensure the substrates they grow are up to our high standards. These ion sources will work just as well on the 100th run as they did on the first.

The Clam Shell chassis of the PARMS is designed for ease of access. It is the largest system within the Nanochrome lineup but despite its size, it does not need much floor space besides some additional clearance for its clam shell door.

Versatile Build

cryopumpIn addition to its primary pump, the build offers two options of high vacuum pump: a cryo pump set up or two turbomolecular pumps. While the turbomolecular option is more popular, they both have their own preferred uses. In general, cryopumps pump down faster. Despite the regeneration step that cryopumps require, the adsorption of atmosphere tends to be quicker than the drag-based pumping that turbomolecular pumps use. Cryo-pumps also maintain the advantage of being cleaner, however they are limited to specific gasses, a limitation that turbomolecular pumps do not share.



Key Benefits
thin film coatings

  • Exceptional process repeatability
  • Stable deposition rates
  • High quality oxide and nitride deposition
  • Capable of producing films with high layer count
  • Optional load-lock operation

Reactive Sputtering

Nanochrome ion source in operationWhat is it?

Reactive sputtering is a process that relies on reacting the target material into a different deposition film. A reactive gas, most commonly Oxygen or Nitrogen, and a pure metal substance pair to form the basis of this process. Reactive sputtering is a process that utilizes a pure target material and produces a reacted film by adding a reactive gas into the process area.

Why is it preferred?

Oxide and nitride targets have material limitations such as brittleness, maximal power limitation due to lower thermal conduction coefficient and higher cost. Further, reactive sputtering grants the ability to tweak the properties of the produced film by adjusting the quantity of reactive gas used in the process. In terms of metal targets, reactive sputtering reduces the upfront costs of production because it is a more efficient technique, promoting their longevity. Fast cycle times are yet another benefit, which also improves efficiency. 



Optical Endpoint Monitoring

The Nanochrome™ IV PARMS optical endpoint monitoring offers:  optical endpoint monitoring
• onboard reoptimization
• 350 to 1650 nm optical controlrange
• ability to import designs from all major commercial optical design software
• ideal for broadband AR, V coat, step filter, notch filter, multiband pass


Load Lock

load lockThis optional component is offered in a manual or automatic version. It is essential for usability in running numerous processes per day. By allowing you to swp samples while under vacuum it not only saves time, but also money. With load-lock, pump down time is under 10 minutes. 




Who is this system for?

When it comes to large-scale production of precision optical coatings, optical filters, anti-reflective coatings, semi-superconductors, dielectric materials, the Intlvac Nanochrome IV PARMS system is unmatched. This system is built to be the foundation of your manufacturing needs and not merely a supplement. It is equipped to handle process methods such as: Ion Beam assisted sputtering, co-sputtering, RF/Dual AC/ PDC / DC magnetron sputtering, and optical endpoint monitoring. 

The Nanochrome IV PARMS is an extremely effective tool for use in scientific research and was a key element in a recent publication on Low Loss GeO2 waveguides conducted in collaboration with McMaster University. This, and several other research opportunities, have made the Nanochrome a preferred system for many institutions.


  • Precision Optical Coatings and Filters
  • Anti- reflective Coatings
  • Semiconductors & Dielectrics
  • Superconductors

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