Indium Deposition System

Long Throw Evaporator


The Intlvac family of Nanochrome thin film deposition systems are designed to meet the technological and productivity requirements of multiple industries. Our Indium Deposition System targets the requirements in 'lift-off' vacuum deposition. In particular, the Indium Deposition System configuration optimizes the thermal evaporation of Indium and other materials such as Pb (lead) and Sb (antimony) for solder bump structures. The Nanochrome Indium Deposition System provides the layout, process tools, environment and deposition control to achieve the thickness, fill and material properties for a variety of successful solder bump designs.

Uniform Deposition

uniform deposition


The Nanochrome Indium Deposition System is designed to thermally evaporate high volumes of solder contact metal materials such as indium. Our geometry ensures a very flat and uniform deposition front for superior "lift-off" capability. Whiskers and splatters are no longer a problem resulting in increased device yields and the ability to make smaller contacts on your wafers.




Designed for "Lift-Off"

The Indium Deposition System is designed for "lift-off" processes providing a high level of automatically or manually controlled deposition of materials. Additional features include:

  • specialized thermal evaporation technology
  • in-situ plasma cleaning
  • low temperature substrate stage
  • high vacuum environment to achieve high quality film growth by using all dry pumping technology

Key Benefits

uniform indium deposition


  • “Lift-off” geometry  
  • Uniform coating
  • Extremely small feature sizes possible
  • In-situ plasma cleaning
  • High quality film growth




Configurations Designed For:

  • Single wafer batch up to 200mm
  • Single wafer robotic load and unload
  • Bulkhead and Ballroom design to minimize clean room footprint

The Nanochrome Family of Systems are used to make:

  • Indium Bump bonding for fabrication of focal plane arrays
  • Ohmic contacts for III-V and II-VI materials with diffusion barriers
  • Precision optical coatings by Ion Beam and Magnetron Sputtering
  • Optical filters, Gratings
  • Anti-reflective and Anti-scratch Coatings for IR optics
  • Semiconductors & Dielectric Materials
  • Superconductors



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