Midas Fiber Metalization

MIDAS Fiber Metalization system

The MIDASTM Metalization System is designed to produce a single or multi-layer symmetrical metal coating on ends, mid spans, or windows of optical fibers for use in a hermetically sealed opto-electric package. It can also create radially symmetrical material stacks on cylindrical rod or tube components.

Designed for a small clean room footprint, this load-lock system uses a low energy plasma pre-clean to ensure adhesion by removing residual hydrocarbon and water vapor contamination.

The coating chamber contains an array of sputter cathodes allowing for the uniform distribution of different metal and multi-layer coatings.



Midas Fiber Metalization Brochure

Midas Fiber Metalization

optical fiber coating

  • Coating optical fibers of any geometry
  • Single & Ribbon fiber coating
  • Coating midspan window, connectorized or jacketed components
  • Fiber termini, fanouts, breakouts and patch cords
  • DTS, FBG's, optical isolators and filters
  • Waveguides, image conduits and light guides
  • Rod & Tube exteriors


  • Metal film stack of Titanium-Platium-Gold and Titanium-Copper-Nickle
  • Complete one button operation after load-lock
  • 45 minutes per cycle, pump to vent. 60 fibers per run
  • A +/- 10% film uniformity. Film adhesion 1kg Bellcore pull test

Ti/Pt/Au on Fiber

Midas System Advantages

  • Ultra-low porosity metal or dielectric coatings
  • Uses 99.99% pure metals. No phosphorus or sulfur electroplating
  • Low temperature operation allows all types of fiber jackets: acrylate, silicone, polyimide, carbon and sensitive components
  • Fully automated process control for one button operation after load-lock
  • Load-lock design streams outgas vapors away from cores during processing
  • Minimal precious metal consumption (micrograms) per component (after reclaim) for low cost per component

fiber metalization




Additional Benefits

  • Uniform coating around entire fiber for accurate fiber alignments and thickness controlled to nanometers
  • High pull strength on finished parts
  • Easy to reconfigure to accommodate process changes and new materials
  • Low maintenance operation, 3 years before first service
  • Nominal 45 minute cycle time
  • Unprecedented high-volume throughput and low maintenance
  • Designed to meet or exceed Bellcore / Telcordia and MIL-STD-883 standards

coated fibers

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