Commonwealth Scientific IBD System


nanoquest 1

•    Deposition Source: 12 CM RF with Self Aligned Focused Grids
•    IAD Source: 12 cm RF with Self Aligned Focused Grids
•    RF Power Supplies for Sources (2)
•    Single Platen Stage for Mounting 3” or 6” Substrates with Shutter, Motorized Angle Change, Mounted on Rails for Easy Service and Maintenance
•    “CTI” Cryo-8 Cryogenic High Vacuum Pump with ON-BOARD Control for Robotic Chamber
•    260 1/sec Turbo High Vacuum Pumps for Loadlock Chamber
•    Two Sided 16” Dia Target Assembly with Shutter and Auto Index
•    Plasma Bridge Neutralizers
•    8-Channel Gas Distribution System
•    Computer System Control
•    “Brooks Automation” Substrate Handler with Loadlock Elevator
•    Water Cooled Stainless Steel Vacuum Chambers with Liners
•    Stainless Steel High Vacuum Piping and Valving
•    Spare Chamber Accessory Ports
•    Provision for Addition of Process Module to Central Handler
•    Beam Probes
•    Emergency Power Off
•    Clean Room Interface Compatible 

commonwealth scientific ibd  



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