Cryotorr Scientific IDM1200 / IEM700 Combination System


IDM IEM Combination System

The Cryotorr Scientific IDM1200/IEM700 combination system is a versatile, robust solution that is ideal for R&D and production applications. This refurbished system provides high quality technology for the budget conscious. 





Software Control Package

The GE IFIX Windows 7-based software can be customized for any application. Our software provides:

•    Optimal recipe control
•    Ease of networking and data logging
•    Automated maintenance monitoring

Features and Benefits 

•    Mechanical substrate stage
•    Single and dual cassette
•    Dual 12 cm inductively couple RF ion sources or DC sources
•    Integrated in-situ optical monitoring
•    Self-aligning ion optics
•    Uniform, repeatable multi-layer thin films for optical devices
•    Low energy deposition of dielectric films for laser applications
•    Real-time deposition control of film properties
•    Load-lock or automated cassette-to-cassette configuration
•    Production-proven reliable RF and DC ion sources for long, uninterrupted runs


Features and Benefits 

•    Advanced collimation for submicron etching control
•    Modular design for process flexibility and enhanced output capabilities
•    Full contamination control
•    Consistent etch rates
•    Low cost of ownership
•    Wafer-to-wafer repeatability
•    Low particulate count
•    Fully integrated power supplies





OPTILIN Self-aligning Ion Optics

The IEM-700 provides OPTILIN patented true self-aligning ion optics with the 30cm RF ion source to ensure process repeatability and accuracy.

•    Low beam divergence angle
•    No alignment needed - ever
•    Available in a variety of material and beam pattern configurations
•    Two and three grid configurations
•    Fully integrated power supplies
•    Long grid life
•    Repeatable and accurate process


Production-proven Ion Source

The IEM-700 utilizes the efficient 30cm RF inductively coupled ion source for etching with highly collimated ion beams. The source provides up to 1700mA of beam current with a wide energy range (50-1000eV) to meet various process requirements.

•    True 30cm grid diameter
•    Efficient and uniform ion beam
•    Door mounted for easy access and service

Automated System Control

Total system management is optimized with a proprietary software package, with an easy-to-use Windows-based process control.

Fully Integrated Power Supplies

The ion source is operated by the high-efficiency, integrated P-8000 power supply. The compact, modular design provides cost efficiency and reliability. Operation is ensured by short circuit protection and manual or automatic control capabilities.


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