In-House Coating Services

  • Gold & Platinum Coating

    Intlvac is among world leaders in gold coatings and deposition. Gold is not only beautiful, it is very versatile and we have developed some unique ways of depositing it.

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  • Anti-Reflection (AR)

    Intlvac can provide AR coatings for a diverse range of substrates and applications for the VIS, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR spectral regions. All of our coatings are non-radioactive.

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  • Optical Filters

    Custom optical filters are available for applications such as bandpass filters, long wave pass (LWP) filters, short wave pass (SWP) filters, neutral density filters and more.

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  • Dielectric Mirrors

    High Reflection (HR) Dielectric coatings can be produced for a diverse range of substrates for the VIS, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR spectral regions.

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  • Transparent Conductive Coating

    Intlvac produces transparent conductive coatings using aluminum zinc oxide (AZO). Different performances are also standard as trade-offs between resistivity and transmission.

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  • Diamond Like Carbon

    DLC coating acts as a single-layer anti-reflection coating for high index substrates and it provides wear & chemical resistance for optical elements used in harsh environments.

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  • Fiber Metalization

    Optical fibers can be metalized with single or multi-layer symmetrical coating on ends, mid spans or windows for use in hermetically sealed opto-electronic packages.

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  • Indium Solder Bump Bonding

    Intlvac's Icarus system geometry ensures a very flat and uniform deposition front for superior 'lift-off' capability. From pushing the 'go' button to pulling out a finished wafer with 2u of spit-free coating takes less than 90 minutes.

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  • Customized Coatings

    Intlvac can provide coatings customized to a wide variety of applications and we are not restricted to the field of optics. We also have capability to coat substrates with unique geometries.

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