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nanoquest i ll

The Nanoquest I Load-Lock Ion Beam Etching System is an ideal platform for etching single wafer substrates up to 4". Configured with a high cooling flow substrate stage, the system can etch through a photo resist mask to produce patterned substrates on any material.  We can keep your substrate below 50 deg C with high beam current densities.  Direct water cooling is achieved using two hollow shaft ferro fluid feedthrough, and motion is accomplished with stepper motors for rotation and tilt.

 magnetron sputtering  load lock ion source
 22 cm KRI sims probe chamber sims ibs

Vertical load-lock design keeps the chamber under high vacuum and reduces cycle times. A unique transfer assist controls the movement of the wafer transfer and prevents mishandling. The system is housed in a compact one-piece frame with integral electronics rack to minimize lab or clean room space. UHP Gas distribution ensures stable ion source operation.

Process Methods

  • Ion Beam Etching 
  • Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) 
  • Ion Beam Sputter Deposition 
  • Reactive Ion Beam Deposition (RIBE)
  • Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching (CAIBE)  


Magnetic Materials            Multi-layer Materials
Semiconductors    Optoelectronics

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