Nanoquest Pico

nanoquest pico

The Intlvac Nanoquest Pico is the ultimate compact ion milling platform for research and development of thin film applications such as Data Storage, Spintronics, and Semiconductors. It can be configured for a number of ion sources and gases depending on your application. With its 14” D-shaped chamber and small footprint, it can fit into any lab.

The Nanoquest Pico is designed to etch small wafers and dies and is ideal for fast etching of thin films that do not respond well to conventional chemical or dry etching processes.

dc gridded ion source  mass spectrometer end point rf gridded ion source
 dc or rf magnetron sputtering gen iv stage dc ion source

 Process Methods

  • Ion Beam Etching (IBE)
  • Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE)
SEM xsection GaAs elementreactive ion beam etching



  • Nobel Metals 
  • Insulators 
  • Diamond Films 
  • Optical Wave Guides    
  • Superconducting Materials    
  • Magnetic Materials  



SUBSTRATE FIXTURING:  Rotating cooled substrate holder 0 - 10 RPM.

SUBSTRATE SIZE: Up to 100mm diameter 


1cm DC Ion Source - 10mA beam current, up to 500eV Ion energy.

4cm DC Ion Source - Up to 120mA  beam current and 1200eV ion energy, filament neutralizer.

4cm RFICP Ion Source - 150mA beam current, 100-1200eV ion energy, low energy remote neutralizer.

8cm DC Ion Source - 250mA beam current, 100-1200eV ion energy,  filament neutralizer.

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