R & D Systems

Nanochrome Pico

The Intlvac Nanochrome™ Pico is the ultimate all-purpose prototyping and R&D physical vapor deposition (PVD) platform on the market. It can be configured for a wide range of applications such as e-Beam evaporation for liftoff, optical interference filters, multi-layer barrier coatings, and transparent conductive oxides (TCOs).

Nanochrome I

Nanochrome™ R&D system (Nanochrome™ I) is an R&D/Pilot Electron Beam Evaporator. A variety of configurations are possible, all tailored to your specific needs. With its small footprint, low cost, and ease of operation, the Nanochrome system is an ideal choice for your research or pilot project.

Nanochrome I - LL

Nanochrome™ I R&D Load-Lock system is capable of evaporating materials such as metals and dielectrics by Electron Beam Evaporation from a four or six pocket electron beam gun, onto a direct water cooled rotating substrate stage. Stepper motors allow automatic variable angle deposition as well.

Nanochrome II - UHV

Intlvac’s Nanochrome™ II UHV (NCII-UHV) is the ideal platform for high temperature PVD processes. The system can be configured for a wide variety of deposition sources. Quartz Halogen IR heaters mean that temperatures in excess of 400°C can be achieved for deposition. Complete dry pumping achieves Ultra High Vacuum levels in the system. 

OLED - Dual Chamber Evaporator

Intlvac’s OLED System is designed for dual chamber evaporation in a high vacuum load-lock with material handling in an atmosphere-controlled glovebox.