Long Throw Evaporator

Long Throw Evaporator

For years, Intlvac has transformed its depth of thin film deposition into the design and manufacture of commercial vacuum coating machines. This family of Nanochrome vacuum coaters have been employed to confront the technological and productivity challenges in our market. Our long throw Nanochrome I product targets the requirements in “lift‐off” vacuum deposition. In particular, the long throw Nanochrome I configuration optimizes the thermal evaporation of Indium for solder bump structures. The long throw Nanochrome I provides the layout, process tools, environment and deposition control to achieve the thickness, fill and material properties for a variety of successful Indium bump designs.

Besides the long throw distance for fundamental "lift-off" and uniformity results, the Nanochrome I is outfitted with specialized thermal evaporation technology, in‐situ plasma cleaning, and a low temperature substrate stage. The Nanochrome I creates a high vacuum environment to achieve high quality film growth by using all dry pumping technology. In addition to our standard vacuum expectations for batch operation, the metal deposition process environment for Nanochrome I can be further enhanced by including the load-lock substrate transfer approach.  

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