Thin Film Coating Services

thin film coatingIntlvac has taken advantage of decades of experience designing and building thin film coating and etching tools to develop our own in-house systems for processes such as E-beam and Thermal Evaporation, DC Magnetron Sputtering, and Plasma-Assisted Reactive Sputtering. Using these techniques, we are able to offer coating services on a wide range of substrate materials and shapes.

Unique geometries are no problem as Intlvac can design and create tooling in our machine shop. 

No order is too small or too exotic. We welcome the chance to demonstrate our exceptional capabilities on prototypes, so that you will know you can safely order from us when production ramps up.

In our development lab we have the following thin film coating systems that our customer may use to develop their process prior to purchasing a machine.

Nanochrome Pico, Magnetron Sputtering with RF and DC powered 3x2" sputter cathodes.  Makes multilayer films in a sputter down configuration.  A Mark I End Hall Ion Source provides atomic level substrate cleaning or light etch prior to deposition.

Nanochrome II Parms, Plasma Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering with Load Lock to accommodate 10" substrates, the system makes excellent dielectric thin films by reactive sputtering

Nanochrome II PVD for Ion assisted eBeam or thermal evaporation.  This system has heating to 400C, a Mark II Ion Source, and extra water vapor pumping using a Brooks CTI Water Pump.  The system makes excellent thin metal films and dielectric films

metal coatingIntlvac DLC  developed over the last 5 years, Intlvac has a plasma deposition system for making Diamond Thin Films.  The films are primarily used as anti-reflective coatings for infrared optics.  In March 2012, we developed a process enhancement that allows the Diamond to be deposited on ceramics and some metals.  We control thickness, stress and refractive index.

Intlvac Ring Array, two dedicated sputter process systems designed to deposit multilayer metal films on the circumference of optical fibers.  The systems use a proprietary atomic Oxygen source in the load lock to pre-clean fibers and degas them.  The systems are also designed to produce a low temperature multilayer thin film coatings, applications are for hermetic sealing, and passivation of FBG.  The machines can coat ends or mid span sections.

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