Return Authorization Form

Health and Safety Clearance

Equipment contaminated with any biological hazards, radioactive materials, organic metals or mercury can not be accepted. Copper contamination requirement listed below.

Equipment must be drained of fluids and residue and securely packaged.

Equipment returned without this form completed and secured to outside of package will be returned to customer unprocessed.

A brief Description of the problem with the equipment or your reason for returning it.
Please list any chemicals and/or gases with which the equipment has been contaminated. If none, please enter "None".
Is the equipment contaminated with Copper (“Cu”)? If yes, all products contaminated with copper must be double bagged inside the shipping container. Each layer of packaging must be clearly labeled so as to identify the product as “Cu Contaminated”, including the outside shipping container. If these procedures are not followed, the container will be destroyed, and the customer will be responsible for the replacement.
Check this box to indicate that you agree with the terms and conditions listed above.