Process Techniques

  • Magnetron Sputtering

    Magnetron Sputtering is a technique where a solid target is bombarded with energetic ions generated in a magnetron causing atoms to be ejected. 

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  • Ion Beam Etching

    Ion Beam Etch (IBE) technology allows films to be etched or deposited by the use of beams of charged ions in a high vacuum system. 

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  • E-Beam Evaporation

    PVD technique where an intense electron beam generated from a filament is steered via electric and magnetic fields to strike source material and vaporize it within a vacuum environment.

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  • Long Throw Evaporation

    Optimize the thermal evaporation of indium and other materials for solder bump structures using "lift-off" vacuum deposition.

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  • Ion Beam Assisted Deposition

    A materials engineering technique that combines ion implantation with simultaneous sputtering or another PVD technique.

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  • Thermal Evaporation

    A PVD technique where a material is heated in a vacuum chamber until its surface atoms have sufficient energy to leave the surface.

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