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We have a long standing commitment to quality and excellence in the high vacuum industry. Started in 1967, the company is a leader in manufacturing of high vacuum equipment for thin film coating and etching.

Intlvac Thin Film's primary goal is to deliver value-added solutions that exceed the expectations of simple PVD and Ion Beam Sputter/Etch machine manufacturing and installation.

We started exporting our systems around the world in 2001, and now have equipment installed across the US, and in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Israel, India, China and Germany.

Research and development play a major role in our technology’s edge in the market. Our in-house development lab designs, engineers and manufactures machinery used for Physical Vapor Deposition and ion beam etching. We specialize in engineering solutions for a variety of specific results and outcomes using this process. We provide our customers with machinery needed for creating coatings including ion source and all parts needed to make it function. Additionally, we manufacture high quality PVD coatings using techniques such as Ion Assisted Thermal and Electron Beam Evaporation, Reactive and non-Reactive Magnetron Sputtering and Diamond Like Carbon by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition.

Intlvac Thin Film has become an authority in Ion Beam Etch/Sputter systems and reactive sputter systems for precision optical coating.

Yours Truly,

Dino Deligiannis, President

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