Gridded Sources & Commonwealth System Parts

We have a wide assortment of ion source grids in stock. Materials include molybdenum, graphite, and stainless steel. We also carry various insulators and spacers for ion sources such as the ion source used in Commonwealth Scientific’s Millatron etching system.

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing high vacuum systems, we can also offer an assortment of water feedthroughs, baseplate adaptors, and thermal management products.

Also we can offer old CSC customers a new power supply to run the following DC sources, 3,8,12,16 cm, and we have retrofit packages to replace the old Millatron sources with new RFICP sources or newer Kaufman DC sources. 

Not sure which part you need? Contact Intlvac and we can send you an exploded assembly drawing of the source, or look at pictures of our parts online.