Replacement Ion Source Power Supply

This is a modern retrofit package for Veeco/ Commonwealth Scientific SCR-type Mark I & II end-Hall ion source power supplies. The package comprises a new modular solid state switching power supply which can accommodate a filament or Hollow Cathode electron sources.  Other modules supply discharge power for the anode and multi-channel integrated gas controller.

Both filament and discharge controllers feature advanced primary switched power modules with fast arc handling for stable operation over the complete operating range. The controllers can power both the traditional Mark I & II ion source and the next generation Veeco Ion Sources.


  • Mark II power supply pin compatible interface
  • Plug & play installation with remote control compatibility
  • Modular architecture
  • Optimize upgrade for process application and cost
  • Instant arc recovery with constant current mode operation
  • Instant arc and short recovery without plasma oscillation
  • Repeatable and stable ion beam parameter control over complete operating range
  • Increases ion source parameters to optimize process results
  • Additional RS232 interfaces
  • Comprehensive control via modern PLC
  • CE compliance
  • Meets EMI and safety standards


  • Gas Controller with iMII Control Interface
  • Gas Flow: 1-20/50/100/200 sccm
  • Dimensions: 19", 1U; 4kg


  • 25 pin MARK II compatible, optoisolated interface
  • 2x25 pin interfaces to KRI modules
  • 25 pin analog; 15 pin MFC channel (Brooks 5850E compatible)
  • RS232 (optional)
  • System interlock

Filament Controller

  • Power max.: 900 W
  • Max. Output: primary switched 36VAC low frequency; 25A
  • Interfaces: 25 pin A/D, RS232
  • Dimensions: 19", 1U; 5kg

Discharge Controller

  • Power max.: 400 W Mark I,  1 kW Mark II, 3kW Mark II+
  • Max. Output: 3,5A / 300 V  10A / 300 V or 7A / 150 V (LEHO version) 
  • Interfaces: 25 pin A/ RS232 (optional)
  • Dimensions: 19”, 1U; 8 kg  19”, 2U; 18 kg